600 Events!!!

Mar 24

Nolan Harris

600 Events!!!

by Nolan Harris

That's right! Business owners all over the country have been scrambling to get their taxes wrapped-up for the past few months. Tax season is notorious for hitting folks with a few surprises that either make their skin cringe or send them jumping with joy all the way to the bank! In our case, in the spirit of keeping our business books organized long-term, I started collecting data regarding the different inner workings of our business. For example: How many festivals have we drawn at since 2010? (TBD) How many markers have we drawn with? (TBD)

Upon investigation, I did manage to find out how many events/parties/gigs we have entertained at since 2010 and the answer made my eyes pop out of my head! Over The Line Art officially entertained at it's 600th event on January 23rd, 2016! The artist that entertained at this monumental event was the always charming Matt! Matt has been a member of our team since 2011 and it's only fitting that our longest tenured employee would be the man to make this feat happen. Thank you, Matt from the bottom of our hearts!

What does this mean for our business moving forward? We want to continue to create the best art-entertainment experience in the country for years to come. Which is why we will continue to track our event output, proving to you that we will always value each and every event! Thanks for booking Over The Line, folks. You rock!


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