TechReady 22 2/4/16

Feb 05

Nolan Harris

TechReady 22 2/4/16

by Nolan Harris

Piles upon piles of international techies (6000 to be exact) were in attendance at Centurylink Field for the 22nd annual Techready last night. At this event we had 2 of our traditional caricature heavyweights, (Shane and Teague) and 2 digital wizards (Nolan and David). It's always a blast drawing at the Techready events, which take place twice a year at the famous Seahawks football stadium downtown. In the span of 4 hours our team cranks out a metric ton of fun drawings for the predominantly international attendees. The international element is what makes this event one of our favorites to draw at. Having the ability to dazzle attendees from as far as India and Romania with our talents, and being able to provide them with a cool keepsake from their trip is very special to us. Thanks for having us Microsoft. We can't wait to return in July!

Download your digital caricatures HERE

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