Bil B.

Classic Caricature artist in
Toledo, OH


Bil B.

About Bil B.

I have been a caricature artist for over 25 years. I began drawing at age two and have developed a love for art. Over the years I have self taught the art of caricature as well as portraiture. At the age of 15 I sold my first caricature for $30 and at that moment I knew I wanted that to be my career and I have been fortunate to have done so. I have drawn at countless parties and well as provided my services for companies such as Pepsi, GM, Ford, Kroger and more. In 2015 I became a part of the history of the Players Club of Detroit as their resident caricature artist and have joined the ranks of several artists dating back to 1912. I have been published several times throughout my career. I love to entertain guests by simply doing what I love.


3 chairs near an electric outlet of dark. Away from a dj if possible to ensure we can hear our guests
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