A.J. J

Classic Caricature artist in
Atlanta, GA


A.J. J

About A.J. J

"Caricature is my life. From the time I was little, I have always wanted to learn how to draw caricatures. I just love the art style of it all. How each face is unique, which in turn makes each drawing unique. I don't think there is ever a reason to get bored with caricature, because there is always a new face to draw. So I am very passionate about my profession and really look forward to improving as an artist. I also pride myself for being punctual, professional, and full of personality. I always want to leave a good impression to everyone I draw. Which, in my personal opinion, makes the drawing more memorable. Not only that, I want all my caricatures to be as relative as possible to the subject and to always bring a laugh."

Reserve A.J. for your next event to have great entertainment with some goofy and fun caricatures! 



I need a 5x5 feet of space, 3 chairs, and fun people to draw.
The Details